Your Custom Casino Theme Party from Casino Party USA!!!

Casino Party USA has created OVER 25,000 Casino Theme Party Events since 1995! No one has more experience, or professional staff in the USA!!!

We can create, and customize, your next casino theme party complete with YOUR logo on the Casino Tables & Chips!!!

With enough lead time, Casino Party USA can provide the Custom Casino Felts and Chips for your next event. Due to the nature of our services, felts MUST be ordered through us. You may use whichever Custom Chip Provider you like, however the Customized Chips MUST be in our possession no later than 72 hours before your scheduled event to guarantee  the use on the tables.

The minimum CHIP order needed with your logo is 400 chips per table. The breakdown is as follows:

Red 150 count each table

Blue 100 count each table

Green 100 count each table

Black 100 count each table


This will insure us the proper Chip Distribution per table, and a more successful event!



Excitement and Glamour

The excitement and glamour of Las Vegas will come alive for your guests as they have the opportunity to play their favorite casino table games! Casino parties are the liveliest, most exciting, and most memorable party theme today and a dramatic way to break the ice among guests. Casino Party USA will keep your guests entertained for hours, with Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and even Slot Machines DJ’s, Bartenders / Waitstaff, and more!

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