Casino Party USA provides BINGO for all of your event needs.

This isn’t your parents Bingo, we provide NEW STATE OF THE ART ELECTRONIC BINGO!

Whether you are creating a small event of 8 – 10 players, up to 1000 players….. Casino Party USA can provide the BEST Bingo for you. We offer BINGO PACKETS of sheet of cards. Each player can play up to Six (6) Bingo Cards at the same time. When the first game is over, players will be able to immediately go to the next sheet in the BINGO Packet. We offer anywhere from Six (6) – Twelve  (12) individual games at each BINGO session, last a total of One (1) hour to Three (3) hours of game play.

You may ask, what is the difference between Casino Party USA and any other casino themed party company? EXPERIENCE, RELIABILITY, AND PROFESSIONALISM!!!


You want a company that has planned and staged THOUSANDS of these types of events and not some individual with a broken down truck and a couple of gaming tables that he purchased last month on Ebay. We don’t “Fake” our references and experience in this industry to get business. You want a casino company that can provide you with expert advice on how to run your event. They should be able to provide you with professional, friendly dealers, and authentic casino grade equipment.

We have over 30 years of experience specifically creating Casino Themed Parties. Aside from casino party rentals and staffing, we can also offer DJ’s, Sound Systems, Bartenders, Photo Booths, and MORE! With this in mind, why not use us for your next Trade Show Casino Party?


Have you ever hosted an event and the company you contracted arrives late, doesn’t have the proper equipment (or enough equipment) or doesn’t show up at all? This can be disastrous to your group or organization’s credibility. At Casino Party USA, we treat every client like a VIP because you are! Our personalized service, to each and every one of our clients, is unequaled. Casino Party USA will take the stress out of planning your casino themed party.

Our set up crew will arrive on time and set up the equipment in a timely and orderly fashion to your exact specifications.

Our staffers will arrive dressed professionally and be well groomed.

At the end of your event, our staff will remove all equipment the same day.


Well trained, knowledgeable, friendly dealers, experienced casino party host, quality casino grade equipment. We’ll also do a pre-party site visit and work with the venue to coordinate smooth delivery and set up of our equipment so you can concentrate on having fun.

From your very first phone conversation to the end of your event our personnel will display the utmost courtesy and professionalism unequaled by any other casino party company. The personal touch, attention to detail and years of experience have earned Casino Party USA a reputation as one of the most experienced companies in the nation. Once your event starts, your guests will be treated to the most authentic casino night experience short of going to Las Vegas.

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