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Casino Party USA has 30+ years of experience in creating Casino Theme Parties!

Casino Party USA Theme Specialists

Our casino theme party specialists will work with you to design a casino theme night package for your party and then set up the party at your location. We provide the best trained EMPLOYEE dealers who ensure that all your guests enjoy the evening. You will find we are professional and knowledgeable from the moment you Contact Us.

Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry, all of our dealers are more than happy to explain how to play any of the casino table games. We use traditional Las Vegas rules and odds on all of our party tables.

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Casino Party USA has offices throughout the USA, as well as many other “Affiliate” companies that we recommend. This way, you are assured to get the best quality and local talent available.

If you have any questions in regards to Casino Party USA hosting an event for you or your organization, please contact our national office in Denver, Colorado (below).

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Denver, Colorado:

2305 South Syracuse way

Denver, Colorado 80231

O: 303-280-3096

Orlando, Florida:

O: 407-777-8796

Tampa / St. Pete: 

O: 813-408-8330

Colorado Springs, Colorado:

O: 719-776-9286

Houston, Texas:

O: 713-575-9441

Chicago, Illinois

O: 303-280-3096

Kansas City, Kansas:

O: 816-659-7018

Omaha, Nebraska:

O: 402-671-5747

Salt Lake City, Utah:

O: 801-738-6677

Cheyenne, Wyoming:

O: 307-529-0169

Las Vegas, Nevada:

O: 702-347-7686