Virtual Horse Racing by Casino Party USA 

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Casino Party USA has created OVER 25,000 Casino Theme Party Events since 1995! No one has more experience, or professional staff in the USA!!!

Using this knowledge, we have created “Package Pricing” based upon our experience with varied number of guests at each event we host. You CAN customize your Package as you wish, but this is a great start. When choosing a Package option, based upon your number of guests, typically 60% of the guests will play at any given time. We account for this in the “Package Pricing”.


Video Virtual Horse Racing is now offered by Casino Party USA!!!

From Four (4) to Twelve (12) Video Virtual Horse Races allows for your guests to experience the Great Horse Races from around the World!!!

100% Legal.

(No real money ever exchanges hands.)

Casino Party USA offers Horse Racing as Masters Virtual Horse Racing! Each race will have multiple Horses / Jockeys to “Wager” on, in the attempt to beat your friends, family, and fellow guests. We even “Handicap” the Horse’s with Odds for the more realistic approach. We have Races with just Two Horse’s, as well as Races with Fourteen Horse’s to make it really challenging. 

Masters Virtual Horse Racing can easily accommodate 20 to 5000 guests placing “Wagers” on the Races. We provide the Announcer to call each Race, while the guests cheer on their favorite Horse!


Our pricing is based upon the Number of Races, as well as Number of Bettors.

We bring everything!



Sound System

Projectors / Televisions

Betting Slips

and even the Office Racing Form!

Let Casino Party USA provide our personally designed Video Virtual Horse Racing Event at your next event! Masters Virtual Horse Racing is a great addition to any casino theme party, business conference, corporate outing, team building exercise, or just a great way to have fun! Let our Interactive “Bookies” entertain your guests, with our funny horse names, great personalities, and exciting racing action!

Looking to add a theme or atmosphere for your next Theme Party Event?

Let Casino Party USA provide some samples of our past Casino Theme Party Events over the 27 years we have been in business.

Horse Racing Themed Fundraiser

Horse Racing Holiday Party

Horse Racing Themed Birthday Party

Horse Racing Themed Corporate Party

Horse Racing Themed Trade Show

A Horse Racing  Themed Party is always a great, fun, exciting, and interactive way to entertain your guests, friends, clients, and staff. Whether its’ a party for 10 people, all the way up to 5000… Casino Party USA has to MOST experience, professionalism, quality of equipment, quality of staff, and overall BEST reason to be your choice for your next Horse Racing Themed Party!