Slot Machine Rentals

Casino Party USA is now offering our


We are the ONLY company in Colorado with Legal Slot Machine Rentals!!!

The video slot machines that we offer are exclusive to Casino Party USA, and cannot be found anywhere else in the State!!!


From Four – Twelve!!!

Casino Party USA can offer:

Slot Machine Rentals!!!

Slot Tournaments!!!

Customized Slot Reels and Backgrounds!!!

Rental from One to Twelve individual slot machines!!!


Need an exciting addition to your Trade Show Booth?

Casino Party USA can provide slot machines that can register your visitors to your booths, and collect their:

Name  – Address – Phone Number – Email Address – and more before rewarding your attendees with:


We can customize the SLOT MACHINES with your company logo’s, images, and information! We can also reward or limit the prizes you pay out to your specifications!!!

If you’re hoping to draw more traffic over to your table or booth, a lively prize giveaway game will do the trick. Casino Party USA Video Slot Machines is a High Profile Attention Grabber that will gain attention with its exciting audio and visual effects. Not to mention the possibility of winning prizes.
Customize the spinning reels with images of your prizes, your company logos, products & services, etc. Apply your branding to the background screen imagery, and customize the audio to generate the perfect level of excitement that’s sure to get attention! There’s no other software out there that will provide as much brandability and prize giveaway control.


Controlling pay-out frequency and the ability to cap/limit the number of prizes awarded, are just some of the features that give you control of your event’s prize giveaways.

You can also set a limit on any of the prizes that you want awarded, and our Video Slot Machine manages it for you. For example, if you have 1 Grand Prize and 20 Tshirts, you will be able to set the maximum number of times a particular Prize (pay-line) will hit. Once that limit has been reached, the game will simply avoid that pay-line. This allows you to give away exactly the number of prizes you have to award. You can also “fix” the order and frequency in which your prizes are awarded. This will help you set the pace of the giveaways more precisely to meet your needs.


Collect lead information from your potential customers before they get to play!

The built-in Lead Generation tool will help you collect information from your visitors before they are permitted to spin/play. This data is collected and stored in an easily accessible CSV (Microsoft Excel Compatible) file format.

This data entry screen comes up automatically when they attempt to play, and is Touch Screen Compatible. This screen will also work with a keyboard.