Questions to ask your Casino Party Company

How long have you been in business, SPECIFICALLY CREATING CASINO THEME PARTIES?

Casino Party USA has been creating Casino Themed Parties since 1995, but the owner has been creating “Casino Themed Party’s” since 1989.

Lately it seems many companies started out as DJ’s and have gotten into the “Casino Craze”. Their time and experience as DJ’s cannot translate into success as casino theme companies.

How many casino theme parties do you stage a year?

We consistently have done over Seven Hundred parties a year for the last ten (10) years.

Can you provide a list of references?

Of course… and our resume is incredible.

Do you have pictures of exact and actual equipment that you will be bringing to my event?

They are on our website. You may also find pictures on our Facebook Page: Casino Party USA and our Google Plus Page: Casino Party USA

Can we come to your office and speak with you directly? Tour your facility? Inspect your equipment personally?

Of course, just please call ahead to ensure we are in.

Do you have Liability insurance?

Not only for our company, but for the event location as well? Of course, in fact our insurance company will contact you directly to guarantee our policy.

Are Casino Parties Legal?

Yes, it’s all in fun, with no “REAL” gambling involved. Your guests can wager with funny money and have a chance to win prizes based on their winnings. Guests of any age are allowed to play.

How does a casino party work?

Guests are given a “Gaming Chip” worth $500 which they can exchange at any casino party table for chips. They can play at their favorite table or move from table to table throughout the event. If the guests do not know how to play the game, our friendly and professional dealers will be happy to explain it to them to ensure everyone learns, has fun and experiences the festive casino party atmosphere. At the end of the evening guests can turn in their chips for either drawing tickets or auction vouchers for a chance to win prizes provided by the event host/hostess. Please contact us directly for more information in regards to the legality of prize give-a-ways in your state.

How long does a typical casino party last?

All of our pricing is based upon 3 hours of actual casino time. Additional hours are available at a pro-rated cost.

How much space do I need?

Blackjack, money wheel and poker tables require approximately 50 square feet. Roulette and Mini Craps tables require approximately 60 square feet. Full size craps tables require approximately 80 square feet. This should leave enough room for dealers, players and walking areas.

Blackjack, Let-It-Ride Poker, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Pai-Gow Poker, and Casino War = 6’ x 3 ½’

Texas Hold’em Poker = 7 feet by 3 ½ feet

Roulette = 7 feet by 4 feet

Small Craps = 8 feet by 4 feet

Large Craps = 12 feet by 4 feet

How many gaming tables will I need for my event?

We normally recommend 60% table coverage versus the number of guests. Example: If you have a guest list of 100 you should have enough spots for 60 players at any given time.

  • Blackjack, Let-It-Ride Poker, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Pai-Gow Poker, and Casino War = 7 players
  • Texas Hold’em Poker = 10 players
  • Roulette = 8 players
  • Small Craps = 8 – 12 players
  • Large Craps = 16 – 20 players

How long have you been in business and are you insured?

Casino Party USA has been providing exciting casino party entertainment since 1995 and is one of the oldest, most experienced, and most trusted casino party companies not only in Colorado, but we offer our services in Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and Florida. We carry General Liability Insurance of $2,000,000, and provide Certificates and Accords for all of our events.

Does Casino Party USA provide chairs for the casino gaming tables?

Yes and No. With the exception of Texas Hold’em Poker, our tables are made to be used in either the stand-up or sit down position for the players. Normally the venues will provide the chairs for the event if needed, however we do offer the ability to rent chairs that will accommodate the equipment if needed. Please call us directly to check the availability of the chairs.

Do we need to tip the dealers?

Gratuities are not included in the pricing but tips are greatly appreciated. As with any service or entertainment worker tipping is based upon your level of satisfaction.

Do I need to provide prizes for the casino night?

No, but your guests will enjoy themselves a lot more if they feel like they have something to play for. Typical casino night prizes include gift cards, electronic gadgets, bottles of wine, movie tickets, etc.

Do guests need to be 21 to play?

No. Since there is no actual gambling involved guests of any age can play. As a matter of fact we do many high school graduation parties, youth group fun nights and kids birthday parties.

What is your booking policy?

A signed contract and 20% down payment non-refundable deposit to hold your casino night reservation, equipment and staffing. Balance is due the night of the event. Acceptable forms of payment include: Cash, check, Paypal, and all major credit cards.

What are your cancellation and change policy?

Deposits are non-refundable. However, they are fully transferable to another event or date that you book. Changes to the event or equipment ordered must be done in writing at least 10 days in advance of the event.

When do you deliver, set up, breakdown and remove your casino equipment?

We deliver and will have the casino table setup complete 1 hour prior to the actual start of the casino event in most cases. Early setup must be arranged ahead of time and additional charges may apply. Tear down of the equipment begins at the end of the casino portion of the event unless prior arrangements have been made.

What areas do you serve?

Casino Party USA has its national headquarters in Denver, Colorado and we have offices in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Texas, Florida, and even Las Vegas, NV. 

Phone: 303-280-3096

Email: info@usacasinoparty.com