Money Machine Rentals

Money Machine Rentals

We now offer “Cash Cubes” and “Money Machine” Rentals in the Denver and Las Vegas offices.

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Watch the video of our Cash Cube in action!

This is our “Standard” unit. Great for trade shows, conferences, after proms, and more. Each cube is 4 feet wide and 7 1/2 feet tall. You can fill it up with cash, coupons, raffle tickets, and more. Each “Cash Cube” or “Money Machine” comes with a programmable electronic timer and electronic display board (with your message or company name).

This is a real “Cash Cube” or “Money Machine” not an inflatable blow up model.

Each rental comes with an operator for at least 3 hours.

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Renting a cash cube money machine is great for promtional events, trade show booths, & company branding. Money Cash Cube rentals are available to lease at our office locations in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Kansas City.

The presence of a Money Machine at your trade show booth or event marketing promotion acts as an incredible people magnet. Crowds and media can’t resist the sights and sounds of swirling money or prize vouchers swirling around inside the Money Machine Cash Cube Rental . If your goal is to grab attention and win over customers, the Money Machine is the ideal event marketing tool!

Our Cash Cube Money Machines for rent can be used to blow cash, paper money, vouchers, certificates or any paper product that fits into your event marketing strategy. Best of all, you have control over how much players can win in the Money Machine. Winnings are controlled by time in machine, denomination of cash, and amount of cash in the Money Machine Rental.

Cash Cube Money Machine Rentals are great to rent for Charity Fundraisers, Casino Event Marketing, Trade Show Booth Promotions, Fun Center Attractions Corporate Events and Employee Incentives. All Cash Cube Money Blowing machines for rent are available for even purchase.