Casino Theme Party Package Options

Casino Party USA has created OVER 25,000 Casino Theme Party Events since 1995! No one has more experience, or professional staff in the USA!!!

Using this knowledge, we have created Casino Theme Party Package Options & “Package Pricing” for Casino Theme Party Ideas based upon our experience with varied number of guests at each event we host. You CAN customize your Package as you wish, but this is a great start. When choosing a Package option, based upon your number of guests, typically 60% of the guests will play at any given time. We account for this in the “Package Pricing”.

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Casino Theme Party Ideas

Looking to add a theme or atmosphere for your next Casino Theme Party Event?

Let Casino Party USA provide some samples of our past Casino Theme Party Events over the 30 years we have been in business.

A Casino Themed Fundraiser

How about a Casino Themed Holiday Party

Don’t forget a Casino Themed Birthday Party

Try a Casino Themed Corporate Party

And always a Casino Themed Trade Show

A casino themed party is always a great, fun, exciting, and interactive way to entertain your guests, friends, clients, and staff. Whether its’ a party for 10 people, all the way up to 5000… Casino Party USA has to MOST experience, professionalism, quality of equipment, quality of staff, and overall BEST reason to be your choice for your next Casino Themed Party.

Group Packages

Prices effective for 2024

 These rates were designed for parties which would need an assortment of tables and games for the maximum effect of a casino atmosphere. All prices include delivery, setup, operation with Dealers & Event Managment, for up to 3 hours of gaming play.


Jack of Diamonds—5 Tables 

Accommodates 50 to 75 guests.

This includes 3 Blackjack, (or Two Blackjack & One Poker), a Roulette, and a 8’ Craps table. 

Queen of Diamonds – 8 Tables

Accommodates 75 to 125 guests.

This package includes 5 Blackjack, a Roulette, an 8’ Craps table, and a poker table.

King of Diamonds – 14 Tables

Accommodates 100 to 175 guests.

This package includes 10 Blackjack, one Roulette, one 12’ Craps table, and two poker tables.               


Ace of Diamonds – 19 Tables

Accommodates 200 to 300 guests.

This package includes thirteen Blackjack, one Roulette table, one 12’ Craps tables, two poker tables and two “Games of the Week”.


Straight Flush – 24 Tables

Accommodates 300 to 400 guests.

This package includes fourteen Blackjack, two Roulette tables, two 12’ Craps tables, three poker tables and three “Games of the Week”.             

Royal Flush – 30 Tables

Accommodates 400 to 500 guests.

This package includes twenty Blackjack, two Roulette tables, two 12’ Craps tables, three poker tables and three “Games of the Week”.

Call for price quote, or click here for an online quote, for anything not listed here, or for a custom built package that will suit your needs.