80’s Theme Casino Party

Looking for a Theme for your next Casino Theme Party? How about a 80’s Theme Casino Party!!!

The 80’s was a very unique era of time. It was full of loud colors, extreme fashion, sky high hair, and forever defining music. To throw an 80’s theme party, you’ll want to include as many 80’s nostalgic ideas and items as you can. Casino Party USA can help you with the theme, music, and decorations at your event to make your theme party truly memorable and tons of fun.

The 80’s were defined by its music. Above all else, if you are planning on throwing a theme party, you will need to buy or put together an awesomely 80’s playlist. Make sure you include some hits from the famous music icons that ruled this decade!

Michael Jackson
The Police
Bon Jovi
Whitney Houston
Tina Turner

80's Theme Party Ideas: Gotta Dress Totally Rad!

The next best part of having an 80’s party is dressing the part. Make sure to invite all your guests to put together their best 80’s outfits. There are tons of fashion fads that scream 80’s: legwarmers, spandex, dark sun glasses, side ponytails, high tops, excessive rubber bracelets, fingerless gloves, male earrings, shoulder pads…. The list goes on and on. Check out 80s.com for a fun list. 

To encourage guests to go all out with their wardrobe, offer fun prizes for:

Loudest Make up

Funkiest outfit

Biggest Hair

Most rubber bracelets

Try to come up with some cool categories of your own! For prizes I suggest staying with the 80’s theme. Consider Rubik’s Cubes, 80’s buttons, the Twister game, fun 80’s movie DVDs, etc…

80's Contest Ideas

Let your guests show off their funky 80’s skills by having some nostalgic talent contests at your party. 

Some fun ideas include:

Break Dancing Contest

Lip-syncing Contest

Air-guitar Contest

Moon-walking Contest