Football Bingo USA

Think about this!


Do you really care if Detroit plays against Cincinnati on a Sunday night…or if Tampa Bay plays Arizona on a Monday Night?

Well your customers don’t either, unless you’re in Detroit, Arizona, Tampa Bay, or Cincinnati….. EXCEPT!

Now they can come to your location and play for fun and great prizes, stay for 3 1/2 hours and spend an average of $22.37 EACH!


Football Bingo USA is a specially designed game that is designed to do TWO things only!

Increase revenue for your establishment.

Provide a reason for customers to visit your location instead of the one down the street.


How does it play?


Your customers will show up at your establishment usually ½ hour before the scheduled kick off of the game in order to grab a seat. Your establishment typically provides the “Event Host” or “Referee” for the game. You hand out the cards to the players as they place their food or drink order. When the opening kickoff begins, the Football Bingo USA game begins. Your guests will watch the games, listen for the appropriate “Play Calls” and mark off their Football Bingo USA game card as needed. When they get a Bingo, they win! Typically local beer and liquor distributors will offer SWAG prizes to be awarded throughout the evening in exchange for being the “Sponsor” of the nightly game. Oh… and the FREE Square? Usually it is only “FREE” if the customer buys a sponsored drink.

The Game


Football Bingo USA has chosen seventy-five (75) different and unique football play calls and actions for our game. We have computer software that generates MILLIONS of different card call combinations.  Usually though we only need One Hundred (100) different cards per venue per night.

When a “Call” has been made based upon action in the game or an event on the field, the “Event Host” or “Referee” will make the appropriate game call and announce it for the participants. If the participants have the “Call” on their card, they will mark it off accordingly.

When a player obtains a “Bingo” they will bring it up to the “Event Host / Referee” to verify. THIS DOES NOT END THE GAME! The Bingo Winner will receive a prize and return to their table. The game will still go on until Half Time. People can continue to use their winning card, and other players can still participate and try to obtain their own “Bingo’s” for their own prizes. Typically at Half Time a drawing is held for the Winners of the first half, and new cards are distributed for the second half.



Additional Football Day!

Most of our locations continue to promote the Football Bingo USA game not only on Sunday and Monday’s… but now they can also use the game on Thursday nights!

Repeat Customers!

Do you remember how we discussed holding a drawing for the winners for the 1st or 2nd half of the game? Many of our customers offer a GRAND PRIZE DRAWING!

A Grand Prize Drawing is where our venues will draw a name each night of each week. These tickets will go into a “End of the Season Drawing”. This drawing will take the nightly winners and offer them the ULTIMATE PARTY PACKAGE, typically a $200.00 Gift Certificate and Reserved Seating for “The Big Championship Game”. This keeps your customers coming back week after week to try to increase their odds of winning the ULTIMATE PARTY PACKAGE.

Customized Cards

Football Bingo USA will design and customize the playing cards for you.

We can add:

Business Logo

Sponsor Logo

Facebook Page Link

Web Site Link

Food / Drink Specials

And more….