Game Show Network / Dish Network needed to create a 200 player Poker Tournament for the Employees of the Dish Network in Metro Denver. When you need Twenty (20) Poker Tables, Twenty-Five (25) Staffers, with all the equipment the same, all the staff dressed the same, and you have a very limited time window to create the event… there is only ONE company to call. Casino Party USA provided its’ Poker Tournament expertise fot this National Event at the Dish Network Headquarters in Meridian, Colorado on Friday night. Hundreds of players competed for the right to be called “Tournament Champion”! Charlie Ergen, the founder and owner of Dish network even got in on the action, and Finished 17th out of 200. Great poker was played all night, and finally we declared a WINNER! Great job to everyone in attendance! #casinopartyusa #denverpokertournament #dishnetwork #gameshownetwork