Online Poker Tournaments by Casino Party USA. 100% Legal and great for corporations, charities, and private parties.

Casino Party USA has produced TENS OF THOUSANDS Of poker tournaments across the United States, and now we can offer our services ONLINE with a 100% LEGAL NATIONWIDE ONLINE POKER TOURNAMENT!

Let your Employees, Friends, and Family play in a LEGAL online poker tournament that takes your players less than Five (5) minutes to be able to play! 

NOBODY has more experience in this industry than Brian Masters and Casino Party USA!!!

Whether you want a single table for you and nine of your friends, or a charity poker tournament for over a thousand guests, Casino Party USA is your “One Stop Shop for all things Poker”.

 Get ready to hold your own “World Class Poker Tournament” ONLINE!!!

For your next corporate event, team building exercise, fundraiser or birthday party consider a hosted poker party or poker tournament by Casino Party USA. Casino Party USA can take the same excitement of an “In-Person” game, and put it Online. Our tournament software is perfectly geared  to run an event like those seen on television.

  • Charity Poker Tournaments – Raise money for your charity group with a Texas Hold’em fundraiser tournament.
  • Team Building – See who is the best poker player in the office. Bragging rights are at stake!
  • Client Appreciation – Thank your clients with a fun evening of poker. If you ask each client to bring a friend, you can even use it to increase your business.
  • Just for Fun – Poker tournaments are great fun, why do you need any other excuse?

Running the Event:

After you contact Casino Party USA to host your Online Poker Tournament, we set up the Online Tournament for your event. Your guests Log In at our Site, and they will be given a randomly generated seat assignment. Once the tournament starts, our Software will run the event until the conclusion, and will event track the players to show you, and us, the eventual winner. 

We can make the Tournament last as short, or long, as you’d like. However we typically host our events scheduled for a three (3) hour Poker Tournament.  

Once all players are seated, the tournament director will announce to the dealers to “Shuffle Up and Deal” as seen on many televised poker tournaments. Any late players will still be allowed to play. A position will be held for them and any blind bets will be removed from their chip stacks as if they were folding their hands.

Play begins with each player receiving an equal amount of chips. There will be two “Blinds” posted per hand to force action. As play progresses, the amount of the “Blinds” increase. The tournament director will customize the “Blind” amounts based upon the starting chip stacks as well as the number of players in the tournament and scheduled length of the event.  Most events will take 3 hours but larger events can take longer.

As play continues, players will be eliminated from the tournament. The tournament director will continually move players around and balance out the tables to try to keep the numbers of players at each table even.

What we provide:

  • Online Tournament Room – We use the most recent, and secure, Online Poker Tournament Software for our events. .
  • Tournament Director – The tournament director will be the main person in charge of your event. He will set up the blinds and chip amounts to make sure the event ends on time. He is also in charge of moving players around and breaking down tables until the final table is reached and a winner is ultimately declared.
  • Online Poker Tournament Software – Our tournament software from a tournament director to track play and blind levels as well as to keep the tournament clock. 

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